Intelligent Hybrid and Full Electric Ultra-Efficient Propulsion & Algorithm Based Control System

Ecospeed Low Energy Advanced Propulsion (LEAP®) hybrid and full electric propulsion with intelligent control system…

The main product is a fully scalable vessel control system, which is based on disruptive technologies.

It consists of a micro-controlled electric and serial hybrid pod and control system which has been developed to solve the present problem of sulphur and carbon emissions in shipping.

operators and shipowners to comply with 2020 IMO regulations and the current climate greenhouse gas (GHG) targets set by the Climate Summits and Governments for 2030 and 2050.

With 90,000 vessels burning 5,000,000 barrels of fuel per day, shipping is struggling to meet the above targets. In particular, the tanker and dry bulker markets are finding it very difficult to comply within the timescales set.

It is a digital solution which enables vessels to operate at maximum efficiency, saving on fuel and reducing emissions enabling a fast payback.

It operates at peak efficiency; most propulsion systems tail off at a particular speed whereas the Ecospeed system continues to maintain its power.

The Micro-Control system allows reaction times in milli-seconds and gives excellent manoeuvrability and braking control, with enhanced ride control, DP2 dynamic positioning as well as dual redundancy. All these factors contribute to significantly enhance overall safety.


Energy saving for a dry bulker (up to capesize) compared to current single diesel engine/propeller.

Increased Propulsive Efficiency

Thrust-vectoring pods, integral electric motors with micro control

Hull resistance reduction

No rudders, thrusters or skegs, optimised interceptors, reduced weight of parts and fuel

Digital (AI) control, clean energy charging Solar energy & other

Artificial Intelligence, electric operation in port, clean charging

Total energy (EEDI) reduction

Meets current IMO 2020, 2030 & 2050 regulations

Ecospeed Marine Ltd has created a whole new generation of digitally engineered and controlled 4 IR (Industrial Revolution) products built around advanced AI algorithms, Analytics and Big Data with ultra-high efficiencies that are set to transform the global marine industry with a high energy saving product (see table below)

Ecospeed products are built to be marketed globally. Ecospeed’s ambition is to be a multinational company known for its environmental and energy saving products and its products have been designed in line with its passion to be a global player in countering climate change and net zero.


Safety has been a key driving factor from the start. Some notable recent accidents in the marine industry would not have happened had Ecospeed’s LEAP system been installed. The system has multiple redundancies based on a thorough safety analysis, so that no single point of failure can cause a dangerous situation to develop.

LEAP also has a dual redundant directional positioning system that provides intuitive control using the helm to align the vessel with the dock, together with the dual axis joystick controlling the direction of travel and speed. Thrust vectoring negates any requirement for tugs.

It is the company’s strategy to link with major partners – two are already engaged, including a major engine manufacturer. Partners are being sought amongst the major shipbuilders, owners and operators with consultations ongoing. Such a strategic partnership will enable Ecospeed Marine to build up fast with a minimum number of staff, using well-known names for service and maintenance already well established in the shipping industry. Manufacture is also outsourced to well-known companies.

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